DD303 Perceptual Processes Chapter 4: Recognition

Well, with the course officially starting in a few days, the course web site is now open and the forums are a buzz with introductions, advice on buying Coolican from Amazon to save a few pounds, and warnings about trying to run the E-Prime programs.

On top of all this excitement I was also very happy to find that my tutorials are again being held at Bournemouth University. This is a result to say the least with the campus being all of ten minutes walk away.

As far as studying goes It has been a little bitty the last few days. My copy of Coolican turned up yesterday and I’ve started to dip into it. The first chapter has been a very readable, gentle introduction into the scientific method and how psychological research employs it. With no scary stats yet, it has almost been a pleasure. I have also finally managed to finish the chapter on recognition and have decided that the assignment to evaluate if face recognition involves processes that are different from those used in other types of recognition is the one for me. The material seems to present a clearer line of argument and I have a least half an idea on how I want approach it.

My notes on this chapter, as with the previous chapters are posted as a freemind file that includes a mind-map with accompanying notes as does the this webarchive file which only needs a browser to open it whilst this pdf is just the mind-map without additional notes. 

The course overview map has also been updated and now includes links to the offprints.

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